Attempting to start a blog, again, has been knocking around in my brain for months. Sometimes, while scrolling ads and other similar postings on instagram, I start reminiscing the days of actual blogging and friendships built on flickr - where things were purposefully slower and seemingly more meaningful. I’m not knocking those kinds of platforms, I’m just as addicted as the next person. I’m also not sure if blogs are dead, I’ve found a few I really like, but there are also several of my favorites that have been laid to rest. Leaving me with fading memories of favorite photos and ideas that I still desperately hang onto.

So here I am again. I’m hanging on to some romanticized feeling of how I think and felt things used to be, and could be again. At least for myself, that is. I don’t have a well laid out plan, I’m just going to jump right in and see what unfolds here in this space.